Wet Process

Our wet process is very dedicated and professional which involves the knowledge of years of experience and the effort of our team that help us to have one of the best coffees in Guatemala and the world.

Our process is described in the following steps:

  • Coffee is handpicked and selected in the same time, where only red cherry and perfect degree brix are allowed.

  • To avoid fermentation and get the best quality, we process the coffee in the same day it is picked.

  • Depulping and washing are done with our milling where the efficiency of the water is always a priority in the process.

  • Chambers with water are used to remove the mucilage through fermentation.

  • The drying process is performed under the sunlight. The drying takes place in cement-tiled patios and when is needed our requested from our clients we use a second stage in raised beds.

10 – 15 days

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