Honey Process

Our specialty that is been improving every year with the experience of our team. As a result of our constantly improvement we can assure our quality.

Our process is describe in the following steps:

  • Coffee is handpicked and selected in the same time, where only red cherry and perfect degree brix are allowed.

  • Depulping and fast washing are done with our milling where the efficiency of the water is always a priority in the process.

  • The drying process is performed on raised beds.

  • To keep the quality and avoid fermentation the coffee is in constantly supervision. Where involves handpicked imperfections and constant moving of the beans to keep and even drying.

  • During the morning with constantly supervision receives direct sunlight, and it’s covered from midday sunrays to avoid over drying. This process can last around 3 to 4 days.

  • After the firsts days of drying, coffee beans are moved to a controlled environment, where we can control the humidity and the sunlight. This step helps to control fermentation and get the maximum of flavors of our coffee.

Depending of the request of our costumer, 50% to 70% of the mucilage can be left.

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